Unique way of watching television through Google Fiber TV

Google fiber, an ultra high speed internet and TV services from the parent company of Google- Alphabet Inc was initially introduced in the metropolitan area of Kansas City in 2012. It provides broadband internet and cable TV facilities to the people with a very high speed of about one gigabit per second, which is approximately equal to 125 megabytes. It offers same speed of one gigabit for both downloading and uploading files, which is just about hundred times faster than the existing internet connection in America.


Google Fiber TV

At the start of the project, it was termed as an experimental project, but later in 2012 it was announced as an operable business model. Google fiber offers a free internet to some of the family residents in Kansas and installation fees will be three hundred dollars. Later in 2013, this service was extended to Texas, Austin, Provo and Utah. It attains major response from the customers where in the middle of 2016, it had 4,53,000 internet customers and about 68,715 cable TV subscribers.

Google fiber provides four options to the people: a free internet, a hundred megabits per second option, one gigabit per second option and cable television services option in addition to the one gigabit per second. The monthly cost will also vary according to the type of services provided to the customers.

Upgraded version of Google’s fiber television

Google revealed their new version of Google fiber television apps for both Android and ioS users in the month of November, 2016. This app can be available in Google Play Store or Appstore as a free download.

Google Fiber TV will be running in the Android version of 4.4 or above the version. It will well-matched with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on iOS 8.0 or higher than that version. It weighs about 74.7 MB in iPhone versions and will supports collection of languages like English, Korean, Hindi, Thai and more.

The app has some additional features to improve the performance of the service and mainly to provide a better experience to the users.

  • Distinctive attributes of Google’s Fiber TV

Google Fiber TV app allows the people to watch the live show without any streaming or buffering and also to record their favorite TV shows, sports, music and movies. This provides a quick downloading and uploading of large files, offers variety of high quality television channels at an affordable price. It offers more cloud storage to the saved TV shows, which would be more useful for the people.

  • Accessibility of the app

The technology behind the Chromecast will be used in this Fiber TV and it can access to more than two lakhs movies and thirty million songs by using Google Play music, Spotify, Pandora and more, and TV shows can be viewed through the apps like Youtube, WATCH ABC, Disney XD, Netflix, HBO Now, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, watch ESPN and many others. It allows the subscribers to view their favorite shows via online mode or on demand. It also makes the user to control their television using mobile devices.

  • Feasible countries

Google Fiber was initially available in some areas such as Kansas City, Atlanta, Provo, Nashville and Austin. It is expected that Google fiber will be available in cities such as Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Huntsville, San Antonio, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte for the succeeding line. It also awaited for the expansion of Google fiber in some other cities, namely, California, Irvine, Louisville and San Diego. Google has enlarged the machine understanding language to their new Fiber TV, which makers the user to access the content and customized suggestions in an easier manner.

Prominent aspects of new Fiber TV

Google has included some additional features to its new Fiber TV app. Some of them are data content, sports column, personalized recommendations and more. It evaluated all the major things expected by the consumer from cable TV providers and tried to satisfy the viewers.

  • New sports column

Sports column in the updated version will provide the user about the list of upcoming games and also gives live scores of the match. If you are unable to view the events, then it can be viewed later by recorded the event to the DVR.

  • Recording facility

A simple tap on the updated Google Fiber TV app will allow users to record the event and suggests viewers to record on DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

  • Come up with the favorite shows

The home screen of the app will show the upcoming episodes and also have the options for recording. This makes the user to catch up with their desired shows.

  • Custom-made notifications

The extended machine learning system understands the way of user views the content. If the user forgets to view their favorite shows, then the app will send personalized notification, which makes the user to switch to their preferred shows.

Advantages of Google fiber

  • Cost effective

Google fiber is cheap and reasonably priced, which offers high speed internet for 120 dollars or 70 dollars, which based on the service provided by the Google. It also gives free internet for seven years with the internet speed of 5 Mbps in which the user has to pay the construction fees of 300 dollars.  Hence, it provides the ultra-high speed internet of 1000 Mbps to a very low cost and also offers free internet access to the low income family residents in some areas of Kansas metropolitan city.

  • High competition among internet service providers

Comcast was the basic internet service provider and third largest telephone service provider in the United States of America for many years. It serves both residential and commercial clients in 40 states of the US and it is the largest cable television and broadcasting company in the world by revenue. Due to the arrival of Google fiber, it faces a severe competition to attract the customers.

Comcast provides download speed of about 50 Mbps and upload speed of 10 Mbps for a rent of 100 dollars per month without any TV services. But, Google fiber will offer symmetric download and upload speed of 1000 Mbps broadband services and television services for 130 dollars per month. This competition among the providers can make benefits to the customers.

  • Free from bandwidth cap

Google fiber TV does not have any bandwidth caps, which also includes Netflix in its services. It offers streaming free videos and sounds to the user, where many of the internet providers failed to provide the services without streaming.

  • Remote control

User can use their smartphones or tablets as the remote to control the TV directly. It was one of the unique aspects of this application.

  • Profusion of storage

Google Fiber TV has a hard drive with memory 2 terabytes, which can store about 500 hours of high definition video and the DVR box also allows the user to record up to eight shows simultaneously.


Google’s fiber TV has provided more beneficiary services to the customers, but it was not available all over the world. It was operated in some of the states in America on which it received lots of responses from the consumers. It was considered as a gradually increasing service provider in the world with a high speed internet.


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