Success Secrets Shared by US Based Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

Many entrepreneurs spent years working for long hours to achieve the success they have today. Now, you’ll be thinking of how you can do that as well? Study their character attributes, best practices and mistakes to compete with them and drastically abbreviate your path to success.


Typically, it takes a long time of experimentation to figure out the secrets to success. I, Nitin Khanna, a successful US based Entrepreneur, settled in Portland Oregon, have experienced that real secret behind success is action, not the knowledge, which fosters right achievement.

Ready to begin? From my point of view, I consider that the following secrets are important to any entrepreneur success:

Hire To Succeed Regardless of Your Limitations

Without a doubt, every single person has some limitations. Perhaps, you experience difficulty concentrating one thing at a moment. You say YES to an excessive number of things, despite of knowing about technology or might have a health issue. You might be great in your ideas; however you don’t implement them accurately. It doesn’t make a difference. The best thing you can do to succeed is to hire the right people. A business partner will not only help you in overcoming from your past barriers but motivates you as well. Whatever your weakness is, identify it and hire one to help you in overcoming from this.

Widely Research the Market

Nitin Khanna says, “Forget about the success at all if you don’t know what you want to accomplish.”

The major reason behind the failure of startups is a poor fit in their markets. Ascertain the value that you can provide to your customers and how to effectively and quickly contact them.

Do you have a convincing offer that triggers a customer to make a buy?

Is your market timing is finely tuned?

Is the group of people whose issue you solve is big enough to sustain success?

Use the Right Kind of Tools to Acquire Clients

There are many tools available to acquire the clients. There is a possibility that a tool used by an entrepreneur might be successful for his or her business, however, it might not be useful for your business too. For selecting the right kind of tool, try to do your own testing to figure out that the tools which you use provide a solid return on investment.

Always Be Prepared For a Change

It is not a surprise that some mess happens and will challenge your business. Business can be erratic and throw a genuine twist into your plans.

Perhaps a contender might launch a beta variant of the item that you are presently making. Possibly, your dealer has major issues satisfying orders and maintaining good quality. Might be your business partner needs to seek out another idea and wants to purchase out. Whatever the case might be, always be prepared to quickly change the executions, regardless of the difficulties that you might face.

Provide Amazing Services to the Customers

A large number of businesses fail to achieve their potential as they focus too much on sale and fail to provide impressive customer-service experience. The customer service is not just about taking care of complaints. Also, it includes of the incentives for the referrals, dedication programs and other client-focused activities.

‘‘Sales without service resembles placing cash into a pocket with a gap in it,’’ Says Nitin Khanna.

In the event, you are investing in this key zone of development; it’s an ideal opportunity to distribute more assets to this basic need. You might think it’s valuable to spend a day working with your client-service team to see from where the issues emerge or you can survey representatives working in this department on the biggest difficulties they experience.

However, when you approach an issue, take actions on your findings. Don’t simply say that you’ll provide better service – just DO IT. Finish it off and validate that you’re estimating the effect of your activities. If you don’t see a quantifiable change in the key execution pointers you’ve related with your service metrics, continue emphasizing your procedure until the point that you run over the winning mix.

Despite of the fact that what you’re attempting to do as an entrepreneur, you can discover success by imitating the methods that successful entrepreneurs use and customize them for your own business. Are you prepared to take action?

Which of these secrets will you follow up? Share your preferences in the comment section below.

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