Stop using the Phone while Driving

Stop using the phone while driving. Why can  you stop the vehicle start talking to your dear one.


Every day people die on the roads due to reckless driving, speeding, etc. There is someone is Losing the dear one if maybe your Mother, father, sister, brother, wife, son or daughter and Cousin etc,,, Stop talking the phone calls while driving.

Stop using the Phone while Driving

We all Think & Talking about the social awareness, but in our own case we won’t mind it. Its all about humanity. Sometimes we will Scold someone who is using the phone while in the driving. Same mistake we will do, but we comprising us. Stop using of  phone while driving.

We are more selfish, you know why? Because when someone  in the critical situation (accident or murder). We will move away from there  because the person who  is not our relation, but we people say no one is come to help him or her.  This is what the humanity is going on. Please help the person is in the accident, because it would happen for us one day.
Mobile has playing  huge role in all of us  life, because you’re the one fully depending on the Mobile Device. Dont be addict on it, so please use the technology very perfect to make your life better than better.

“Obey the Traffic Rules Save your Future”

Inspired from the movie pisasu.