Marketing Automation software tools – Hubspot vs Marketo vs Mautic

Automation Marketing software tools help you to improve the scale up Digital Marketing Activities. It is to automate repetitive online marketing tasks such as campaign management, customer data integration, and customer segmentation.


Marketing Automation Software

Here I have explored the 3 Marketing Automation Software tools, which helps for marketers and Business.

  1. Hubspot
  2. Marketo
  3. Mautic – Open source software

You want to automate the inbound Marketing like Social Media Post, Blog post, Promotional Emails, Transactional Emails, Sales Funnel & more to improve the work efficiency.

Software Features:

Hubspot Marketing Automation software Features:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Lead Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email
  • Analytics
  • CRM Sync

Official website:

Marketo Marketing Automation software features:

  • Email marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Lead management
  • Marketing programs/lead generation
  • Social marketing
  • Analytics
  • Resource management
  • Infrastructure
  • Advanced functions

Official Website:

Mautic Marketing Automation software features:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Forms
  • Campaigns
  • Reports

Official website:

Benefits of using Marketing Automation Software:

You will work for future by using the Marketing Automation Software tools and integrate all the essential Marketing Channels in one Platform. Schedule all the Social Media Post, blog Post, promotional emails and transactional email follow up’s (Triggering emails after customer subscribe, click, open or buy). As per the scheduled date and time, it will be triggered.  According to the database & promotional plan, You need to plan and schedule it for all the channels at the right time from the platform.

All the offline and Online leads are merged together and can track all the lead status in one platform (Lead Management) Customer have been taken care of through the entire process of the sales cycle. It will be easy to manage the larger number of customer data.

Forecast overview:

By Implementing the Marketing automation software tool, this process gets a whole lot easier to improve our productivity, sales, revenue and all in one Platform. You are able to quickly map the entire process back to our marketing goals.