Latest Men’s Eyewear Trends For The Year 2017

Everyone is in need of an ideal pair of sunglasses to complement a personalized and up-to-the-minute wardrobe, but it’s also a fact that it keeps your vision safe and congeal the signature look. There are myriads of shapes and styles when it comes to stylish and comfy eyewear for men. So, you don’t need to worry as it’s pretty casual to feel frightened by the collection. Here, in this article, I’ve compiled a roll of top sunglasses trends for the year 2017.


Latest Men’s Eyewear Trends For The Year 2017

Classic Wayfarer

The Wayfarer is no doubt the most iconic and classic sunglasses style. It’s a universal staple, which has been proved by many celebrities like Billy Joel, Beatles Orlando Bloom, and the Tom Cruise. The primary reason of Wayfarer’s eminence is that it no matter what is the shape of your face, it looks perfect on everyone.

Clubmaster By Ray Ban

The Clubmaster – these are the retro frames invented by Ray Ban. These sunglasses are enthused by the browline sunglasses of the 50’s era, featuring round lenses having large, prominent upper rims know as ‘browline’ (plastic-made) and the thin wire-rims around the base. Famous celebrities such as Ed Westwick, Bruno Mars, and Robert Pattinson endorsed the Clubmasters, then why not you?

Most Stylish Aviator

It’s a fact that the Wayfarer and the Aviator are consistently battling each other to win the label of “the most stylish and iconic sunglasses model worldwide.” Originally these glasses were designed way back in 1930’s to protect the aviators of the United States from the UV rays, but the eyewear got popular among the civilians immediately after launch. Style icons and celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Ne-Yo, Daniel Craig and much more claimed the aviators their favorite eyewear style to wear.

Round-Lens Frames

As the name suggested, these are the eyewear with circular or perfectly rounded lenses. These sunglasses give the wearer a trendy and cool vintage vibe. Although the round sunglasses are linked these days as being the frame designed for those looking a vintage look (reminds me of John Lennon), but it also becomes a popular trend among Steampunk stirred fashion.

Clear/Transparent Frames

No doubt, you’ll feel something effortlessly cool when it comes to clear frames. Several top-notch brands offer sunglasses styles and shapes with translucent-colored or clear frames. Whatever you wear, these frames will straight away modernize any look and put in a touch of novelty. If you’re new to the concept of clear frames, then we advise you to have wayfarer-style clear frames to create a stylish and modern look entirely.

Rainbow-Colored Or Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

I won’t be wrong if I say, rainbow colored lens sunglasses stayed so popular this summer and dragged the 80’s buoyancy to contemporary styles. These mirrored lens change in color, which gives a unique appeal. It is believed to be the biggest trend-setter in the eyewear for 2016 and continues to be flagged down by bloggers, celebrities, and well-dressed gentlemen. It’s the perfect accessory that adds fun, surprise and youthfulness to your entire wardrobe.

Notch Bridge By Persol

Notch Bridge was originally invented by Persol way back in 1957 and tended to be notorious by the end of 60’s when it turned out to be the style statement for Steve McQueen. It has a unique, classic shape, which is distinguished by the notch in the frame’s bridge, right on top of the nose. Notch Bridge eyewear can also have the capability to fold up in half to make it the compact storage option for the travelers. It gives the timeless, reminiscent and the classic look of the 1960’s. Persol coined it, but nowadays this design is banging up in all top eyewear brands and available in many shapes.

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