Most Innovative Types of Charging Electronics

Charging has become a part of many people’s lives, it’s actually something that many of us do every single day. The reason for that is because we have so many devices that require charging as a result, we do it all the time. With that said, even though charging is very important, it’s not something that many of us put a lot of thought into. That’s a bad thing because there are quite a lot of different charging electronics on the market that has their own useful features.


In this article, I’ll be going over the most useful types charging electronics that are providing the most innovation in today’s charging electronic climate.

Power banks for Portable Power

Power Capacity Differences

For the most part, many us of use USB wall chargers for our charging needs and it makes sense as they’re very useful to use and USB chargers have many charging ports as well. However, there’s a major flaw with USB chargers and it’s the way that we use them with our devices having to stay close to them. We have things to do and places to go and waiting for our devices to charge and then unplug is not something that is very convenient.

That is why power banks exist. Power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere and they’re the fastest growing charging electronics on the market. The reason for that is not only because they can charge our devices while we’re on the go, but also because of the sheer amount of types of power banks that there are.

Sizes and Weights

The two main types of power banks on the market are ones that have high and low power capacities. The low power capacity power banks are known as Mini portable chargers. They’re so small that these power banks are able to fit into a pocket, and also be held while you’re charging and using your smartphone. The power isn’t long lasting though and that’s really the main flaw with Mini power banks.

With that said, if you’re searching for power banks that have more power, then it’s best to go for ones that have higher power capacities. The reason for that is because a high power capacity means that you’re able to charge lots of devices multiple times to full power. Along with a long lasting power capacity, these power banks have many USB charging ports and that means you can charge lots of devices at once. The reason that not many people use high capacity power banks as much as Mini power banks is because they’re larger and heavier.

Other things to know about Power banks

Other things to know are that there are lots of other types of power banks on the market. For example, there are ones that have structural protections and that allows them to be protected from falls onto the hard ground, and they’re also waterproof. Some power banks have built-in cables and they’re the most reliable types. Always having a charging cable with a power bank is vital because there are times that someone can forget their charging cable at home and that can make a power bank useless.

However, a power bank that has built-in cables can alway be useful as long as it has a power capacity. In addition to having a built-in cable, there are power banks that have built-in components that are used to recharge the power bank such as a USB cable or an AC Adapter as well.

Surge Protectors that use USB Ports

Surge Protectors

For the most part, Surge Protectors are meant for appliances and one of the most used types of charging electronics that we use with Surge Protectors are USB wall chargers. The problem with using a USB wall charger with a Surge Protector is that it takes up an AC Outlet and you also run the risk of covering up surrounding AC Outlets.

That is why there are now Surge Protectors that actually use USB charging ports directly on themselves. This way, you no longer need to use a USB wall charger with Surge Protectors. It may sound like a gimmick but it’s not; as there are quite a lot of Surge Protectors that are able to use as much as 6 USB ports and they’re also able to have 2.4A charging per a port.

In addition to just standard charging, there are some Surge Protectors that feature Quick Charge to charge those devices that are compatible with the fast charging tech at max speeds.

Solar Chargers

Power banks may offer portable power, but it’s still a limited amount of power that is depleted the more you use it. That is why Solar chargers can be the more reliable power source if you’re searching for a more constant source of power. I say that because Solar chargers rely on a light, in this case, Solar Rays from the sun to charge devices.

Solar chargers are not Solar power banks as they don’t have power capacities, they just take in light from their multiple large Solar panels and then charge your devices. With that said, Soar chargers are their most useful for when you’re in the outdoors hiking or camping because that’s where you’ll get the most sun exposure.

Even though Solar chargers are quite large, they can still be very useful. That’s because they have Lanyard holes on them and that means you can connect them to a backpack, have the Solar panels facing out and that way the Solar charger is able to harness as much power as possible to charge your devices.

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