Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps

Mobile commerce, simply known as M-Commerce, is the purchasing and buying of goods and services via wireless handed devices like cellular smartphones and tablets. Nowadays most of the trade and business is done through internet remotely. A user who have to shop or sell something doesn’t need to go to the market rather he may go on to various online sites and can sell or purchase the desired goods. To make M-Commerce more convenient and user-friendly, the companies are introducing such apps that can be used to do online business and trading.



According to latest reports, the smartphones and tablets are occupying the place of traditional marketing methods. There are many apps that facilitate when it comes to m-commerce and we will include all such amazing m-commerce apps to let our readers enjoy easier online business trends. The best apps for m-commerce are under mentioned.


This is an app available for all smartphones and cell phones. The app offers immense opportunities to enjoy reliable shopping and purchase by sitting at home. The app gives entertainment along with business, and that’s why it’s gained such enormous popularity since its inception. Wanelo is simply a shopping mall on your smartphone. The users would love the stores of clothes, fashion and other accessories for males, females, kids and special festive occasions as well.

The Gadget Flow

This is an online platform that provides you opportunities to explore the latest and current trends of products. It offers cool services with diversity in the products. The most surprising aspect of the app is that it brings 9-12 new featured articles every day. The user can’t only shop or sell but can store their favorite products in the shopping cart too. The principal aim of the platform is to bring the coolest objects ever to the consumers.


The app offers Instagram like photo-based products for shopping and selling. The user who wants to do shopping will select the desired products and those who have to put something on sale will be subjected to upload their products to pictures and detailed descriptions so that the viewers can check out the details mentioned. The shopper will select the desired objects and a push notification from the seller after submitting payment will be an indication to pick that up. Spring has no shopping cart at all.


When it comes to trendy and stylish online shopping, Raise becomes the first choice to be picked up. This is famous for gifts cards especially. The app has made selling and purchasing easy. The process of shopping comprises three steps. The user will have to select the goods to be shopped, will pay the dues and finally will be granted permission to get that. When it comes to m-commerce apps, Raise is the first choice of every user because it’s very convenient and user-friendly.


If you are a fashion lover and have crazy to update your taste of clothing, Threadless is there to serve you. This app is run by a company that choses and selects the community-chosen clothes like shirts, t-shirts, jackets and other clothing for all age groups. The procedure is on the forum is a bit different and involves the voting of users. When an asset is picked, it’s put for voting to the community members and may take a week as well.


Wish is one of the best and excellent m-commerce apps. Mainly the app serves the people of North America and Europe. Here on the platform, special discounts are offered to all the visiting users who then decide to select their items and pay for the chosen amount. The reports have informed that Wish is basically an m-commerce forum built and run by Chinese. The browsing behavior and trends of the users bring the top-searched objects on top and same goes for others.


When the technology revolutionized everything around the world, m-commerce remained unaffected as well and saw great swaps that aim at facilitation of the community. Business is the need of every person and m-commerce apps help out the business circles to enjoy more convenient trading remotely from any corner of the world. M-commerce would expectedly see significant active and unusual changes in the offing as well.

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