How to Have a Successful Press Release Distribution for Your Online Business

Press Release Distribution is a powerful marketing strategy that can still work wonders for any business even to this day. What used to be a PR strategy mostly used by big companies, press release distribution can now benefit small business as well, thanks to the internet. And while it is indeed not hard to come up with an idea to create a press release, it’s simply not as easy as that. You need to take the necessary steps to ensure your press release campaign is a success. Read ahead for some great tips to make your press release distribution successful.


press release distribution

Tip #1 Deliver the Right Story

Truth be told, the success of any press release distribution campaign hinges on what kind of story it tells. Don’t make the mistake of creating long, boring company news and data. An effective press release has three essential elements: it’s concise, catchy, and delivers the real message in its first few sentences. Does it sound like a lot of restrictions? No, it’s not. Once you sit down and write your press release with these in mind, it’s actually easy to create a great one. You should go to your target audience’s perspective and ask yourself, “should I care?”

Tip #2 Use the Inverted Pyramid Format

If you’re not familiar with journalism, the inverted pyramid format means putting the most important facts first before the others. In a press release, you should write the most relevant information in the first paragraph and the supporting data subsequently. Try to answer the questions, who, what, why, when, and where. Go straight to the point and be concise. In short, make your point and be quick about it.

Tip #3 Make Use of SEO practices

Do using SEO techniques still have a bearing on your press release? Businesses used to make use of press releases as a charter ship in building backlinks and keywords. This worked for a time. This is until Google changed its algorithm to change the game and prevent people from spam activities for the sake of improving search engine index rankings. However, using SEO practices can still benefit a press release campaign in terms of driving traffic. It may not directly influence your site’s SEO, but using search engine optimization techniques can increase the overall readability of your press release and can make it have a higher value.

Tip #4 Use Images, Videos or Infographics

Studies show that humans are much more receptive to digesting information through images compared to texts. In fact, our brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than it does with text. Make use of pictures or infographics to deliver hard-to-digest data and make it easier for readers. Include infographics when showing key data and statistics. Attach photos of your new product or even a video demonstration. Utilize every medium that could make your press release more attractive and captivating. Distributors may charge a little extra for these media attachments, but it will surely be worth it.

Tip #5 Call-To-Actions

One actionable technique in creating an effective press release is to wrap it up with a convincing call-to-action. You can use one CTA per release because obviously, you don’t want to sell it hard. You can insert this at the end of your press release. If you have a new service to launch, you can ask people to sign up for a free trial or encourage them to request a demo. Use a convincing action catchphrase. This will not only possibly increase sales, but drive traffic to your site as well.

Tip #6 Target Specific Journalists

When it comes to choosing the right distribution service, you need to consider which journalists or critical influencers you want to reach. Don’t buy into the urge of sending your press release to just about anyone. You should approach your distribution in a deliberate and methodical way. Think about what kind of media would be interested in your story, which is more likely to pick it up, and who you would want to promote your press release. If you know your product well, then you know who your customers like to follow and read. Seek these influencers out; add a personal touch to your email when you’re reaching them out. It will set you apart from the others and could also help you build long-term business relationships with them.


Press releases are still alive and working in 2018, and you should use it to promote your business. It’s relatively cheaper than other marketing campaigns out there with the added benefit of more brand visibility. An effective and well-executed press release distribution can bring in a lot of positive effects on your business. You just have to utilize it at its maximum potential. By using the steps above, you can have a successful press release distribution and reap many of its benefits.

Author Bio: Michael is an experienced leader and innovator with a long track record of successfully developing brands online. His proficiency in growing SaaS platforms, generating web traffic and global team building has aided in driving Newswire’s rapid growth. Michael strives to make Newswire the disrupter in the PR and Marketing space, allowing businesses to attract media attention without the need for high-priced agencies.