Handshake Vs Contalog – The Better One Among The Best of Order Taking Apps

Sales order app wars are really on and believe it or not, there are numerous players venturing into this domain. To make things easy for business owners in finding out the best in the market, we have come up with a comparison of sorts between two of the best order taking app providers, Handshake and Contalog.


Before we get into the analysis, let’s begin with a short intro on who these players are and what they offer.

Handshake Vs Contalog

Handshake Vs Contalog – Trivia

Both players provide the opportunity of selling in multiple sales channels like ecommerce store, mobile shopping app and B2B portal. Being cloud-based platforms, both these players provide centralized inventory and order management solutions.

Well, our key reason to handpick these two players in this scenario is that, both started off as digital catalog and sales order apps which have evolved over the time to provide much bigger and better solutions for B2B and B2C businesses.

1)  Digital Catalog

Powered by a simple and smart UI, Contalog’s Field Sales app provides a straightforward system to place orders. Contalog provides video support, multiple viewing options, access to inventory levels, and advanced search system to choose multiple details of a product.

Handshake – Handshake order taking app provides impeccable catalog display and its sensible UI makes maneuvering between multiple products easy and product categorization leads towards organized maintenance of product data.

2) Order Writing

Contalog – Instant order placement capability, both online and offline. Adding to cart and editing can be done easily. Sales reps can easily toggle between cart page and catalogs. Choosing the appropriate pricing plan, adding shipping / billing addresses, making entry of important information can be done before placing an order. The preferred tax type can be chosen for each product in an order separately.

Orders can be emailed to customers as and when the order is placed by enabling the ‘Auto Mailing’ option. Custom emailing helps you trigger emails to various other recipients apart from customers.

Handshake – Easy to pull products in and out of the cart and what follows it is a series of other options which provide the ability to add discounts, set pricing, set multiple shipping addresses, create payment plans and take notes.

Product information can also be added to an order in a flash using a Barcode scanner. The seamlessness of sync between this field sales app and the back office makes sure the orders are updated immediately to the sales network to initiate delivery in quick time.

3) Variants

Contalog order taking app’s product information management solution provides the interface to maintain variant-specific product data irrespective of the number of attributes a product holds. Apart from attribute details like color, size etc information such as different pricing, discounts, buying rules can also be stored making things easy for sales reps while placing a specific variant of a product in an order.

Handshake sales order app’s product variant feature makes products with multiple variants to be displayed and placed in an order. Products with different attributes (size, color, material) need not be listed as separate items instead while placing orders, sales reps will have the convenience of adding the customer preferred colors and sizes.

4) Inventory

With Contalog’s field sales app, sales reps can access inventory details of every stocks which are to be placed in an order. Though product’s stock level is less than the ordered number, sales reps can still place an order.

In Handshake order taking app, marketing executives can choose between two settings. Just choose to display whether a product is out of stock or not or notify about the re-ordering date of a particular product which is soon going to run out of stock.

5) Quotes

Both Handshake and Contalog differs with the way they provide the quote creating feature.

Contalog’s mobile sales order app provides the option for creating quotes if a customer requests for a special price or discount. Sales reps can create a ‘Quote’ in such situations which will be sent to the sales admin for review. And once it is approved by the sales admin, the quote will turn into an order.

With Handshake sales order app, sales reps can send personalized quotes to buyers which can be reviewed by them and confirmed as well. The buyer will be sent an email with a quote of the products a sales rep has selected.

6) Customer List

Contalog’s order taking app provides a straightforward platform to keep record of all customer details, group them as wholesale or retail customers and much more. Multiple customer billing address, shipping address, order history, shipping preferences, customer ID etc can be retrieved in one go.

Handshake mobile order taking app provides a hub for customer information management which helps sales reps prepare easily for meetings and appointments.

7) Order History

Contalog’s field sales mobile app provides you a full record of every customer’s order history, purchase preference and buying behaviour. Sales reps can pull the list of buying history in an instant and get ready for pitching it according to the preference of customers.

Handshake provides access to every single item purchase of a customer. Additionally the order writing app provides a ‘Duplicate Order’ feature which lets sales reps pull a previous order and duplicate it instantly to create a new one instead of adding products again.

8) Performance Reports

For analyzing performances of every sales individuals and the business on the whole, Contalog’s field sales app provides an advanced report extracting platform which enables sales admin to create custom reports.

Reports can be created based on modules like ‘Inventory / Product’, ‘Customer’, ‘User’, ‘Orders’, ‘Stocks’ etc. Reports can also be grouped and access permissions can be set for every person in a sales network.

For precise report generation Contalog provides criteria and condition based report extraction. Time period can also be set in order to compare sales performances. Performance based on event visits (roadshows, tradeshows etc) can also be known as Contalog provides the facility of creating orders based on events.

Handshake sales order app lets you find the performance of products individuals and events, detect top selling products, best customers, best sales reps, compare performance of reps between different time periods, etc.


“As a concluding part of this comparison, we would say that both order taking apps in par with each other but occasionally each one overpowers the other in certain places. Though there are similarities between these two order writing apps, Contalog seems to offer features that digs deep into the requirements of a field sales rep and sales admin.

Moreover, Contalog is available on both iOS and Android platforms whereas Handshake is reserved only for iOS devices. When it comes to the price showdown, Contalog wins hands down as it is available just of $9 per month, probably the best in the market.”

About the Author:

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