Hair Care for different climates in the US

Do you find yourself traveling around the U.S., or even relocating soon for a new job? Or, maybe you want your best hair year-round? Perhaps you are looking forward to a trip to a part of the country you’ve never been in before?


If style is what’s important, being climate conscious can make all the difference in how your hair performs with product — whether it’s where you live or vacation. We’ve narrowed down the best hair products to bring with you for each climate in the United States. Take note of which ones made the cut and stock up.

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Pacific Northwest: Dealing with Humidity
Let’s start with winter here. Precipitation and humidity will weigh down your hair, so do whatever it takes to lift it back up. Don’t let the cold and wet winters of the northwest let your hair fall flat. Protect yourself with a new routine that can handle the weather, especially if you have curly hair. Try a product that enhances curls and tames the frizz.

When things warm up, expect it to be a little wet until the summer is in full swing. Even when the sun’s in full force, it’s still somewhat cool up there. Try using leave-in conditioner while you go through your hair routine.

The Midwest: Handle the Cold
Here, the winters are harsher than the Pacific Northwest’s. They’re not so much wet as they are snowy and cold. The problem is completely opposite — you need to maintaining moisturized locks here. Try using a leave-in cream. This conditioning treatment will help nourish hair while creating silky-smooth results.

Spring and fall, things change to a rainy season. Hotness and humidity are the name of the game, so something that can tame frizz is ideal.

The summer is yet still a completely different game — it’s hot, humid, with low precipitation. In this weather, attempting to style your hair can feel hopeless. Just wear it naturally, and focus on adding texture, volume, and lift to create effortless waves and texture.

The Southeast: The Tropical Region
In this climate, the summer is the problem month. Subtropical climates are incredibly humid. Instead of wasting time trying to straighten your hair or picking up the curling iron, embrace your natural waves and curls. Do what you can to protect your hair from frizzing out.
Winter in the southeast is fairly mild, if a little humid. In this case, invest in a great conditioning treatment, preferably a cream. Spring and fall have similar conditions, though the humidity will weigh down your hair a bit. As a result, it might be a good idea to try some dynamic hairspray to keep everything in place.

Southwest: The Desert Heat
It’s a dry heat, but your hair doesn’t have to be dry too. In the desert summer, the southwest can reach a temperature that rises above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s brutal. We recommend including moisturizing conditioner in your hair care regimen to keep your locks solid through the summer. When it transitions into fall, expect it to stay hot and dry for a little while longer until winter arrives.
Here, winters are a bit milder. Use leave-in conditioner to shield hair from heated tools and to add life back to your dry hair. Hydrate your hair and ensure it’s back up to its weightless, hydrated standard when the summer returns.

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