Get More Sales with these Tips for Using Telemarketing Lists

Marketers continue to learn about new ways to tap into the various sources available so that they can increase sales for their company. There are several approaches that they may adopt including the use of email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, as well as direct mail. The list of things to keep pursuing with includes cold calling, which is still a tried and tested method that has brought many companies success. Below are some ways to use phone lists through which you can produce new leads, close more sales and increase your bottom line.



Purchasing the Right Phone List

You can’t make any calls to any potential customers before you have a proper business list of people to call. So, the first thing to do is to purchase a phone list that can help you reach your target audience in an effective and productive way. However, the challenge is ensuring that you find a list with the right contacts that will match your business and budget.

Some targeted phone lists are known to be quite costly, and their price is dependent on the number of businesses or residential records that the impact list contains. A list of 10,000 records of businesses that pertain to your targeted industry may be priced in thousands of dollars. With a small budget, you may consider getting hold of a reputable list broker that has the ability to offer massive marketing lists. You can have these for just a few hundred dollars. However, you will need to sort the data out in order to effectively target your audience. You can get this done through a simple spreadsheet filter.

Check for Individual Prospects

The primary goal of cold calling includes reaching a potential customer and gauging whether or not your product or services can cater to their need. You must do all the research you need to do in order to steer clear from disappointing results and creating a bad impression for your customers. You must make sure you research each prospect in your phone list to construct a brief profile for each of them.

With the prospect profile you create, compare whether these customers have any similarity to past customers, especially those who have made a purchase from you previously. The similar ones are those that are more likely to purchase from you. For each prospect, you can list your current customers who are located in your new prospect’s industry, region or job classification. This will help to pitch your offer effectively based on past experience with similar prospects.

Draft a Phone Script

When you have your phone list ready, put together some lines that you will need to use when pitching to your prospect. Some statements should describe who you are, the product you are selling and why your prospect should buy from you. However, you must remember that the main purpose of your call isn’t to explain your product or service in detail, but to encourage and convince your prospect to try it. You only have a few crucial seconds to make your words count.

You can ask your prospect questions in order to learn about his or her business needs. This can help you to customize your marketing pitch more effectively and appropriately. Always try to build a personal connection or develop a common interest with your prospect. This can be done by letting him or her know that you belong to the same area or may have worked for the same organization previously.

Master Handling Objections

When calling a prospect, you need to brace yourself for handling any objections, as these situations are a norm in all sales situations. You are likely to get a minimum of one objection, so rehearse your responses until you master them and you can recall them when you need to.

Avoid losing the enthusiasm in your voice when you are dealing with such a situation. When a prospect says he or she is not interested more than 3 times, it’s best to move on. Politely thank them for their time. It’s a small world, and you never know, the same prospect may call you in future wanting to know about your offer.

Use Referrals to Increase Your Odds

Looking up social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook in advance can help you boost the chances of your prospect taking or returning your call (after leaving a voicemail). Doing your homework can increase your chances, and it’s a great idea to connect with your prospects and ask them for their permission to contact them.

Purchase Your Target List Today

You can get hold of useful impact lists that can bring you sales. You can purchase the information of your target audience easily, and these impact lists contain information such as mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers, etc. that help you with your marketing efforts.


When done appropriately, you can enjoy a lot of success with cold calling, and it can become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Make your cold calls more personalized and tailored to your prospect, and this will surely bring in better results.

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