French Anxiety- Education Costs In France And Univeristies

There is no denying the fact that choosing to study in France will be to avail a great opportunity to stay and experience the world’s fifth-largest economy and also the fourth most popular study overseas destination for international students. A beautiful country located in Western Europe occupying a geographically diverse area from the Mediterranean Sea, North Sea and the English Channel, France checks in all your bars for pursuing your higher education. The country has always been major centre for culture, cuisine and literature filled with art, philosophy and science.


French Anxiety- Education Costs In France And Univeristies

Dramatically reducing its tuition fees compared to other leading study abroad destinations France has become a more economically viable option for international students to pursue their studies in the country. The study costs in France are set each year like for undergraduate studies cost is €190, for master’s studies, €260 and for doctoral studies it’s around €396.  If you are looking to study in a business school then the fee can vary between 5,000 to 7,000 EUR a year. On a general account, regardless of whether you choose to study in a public or private institution, the grand ecoles have set their tuition fees in the range of 500-10,000 EUR. The tuition fees at public universities depend on your chosen study level.

  • Bachelor programmes- 190 EUR per year
  • Engineering degrees – 620 EUR per year
  • Medicine studies- 452 EUR per year.

French is the most revered language spoken fondly in the country and it’s recommended to students to get the hang of it to make life easy with the local community. Are you still wondering why study in France University?

Over 83 public universities funded by the national government of France offer a very affordable price to all the students, domestic or international for their study plans. Out of all the top universities in France, there are twenty institutions that are recognized and ranked by QS in the World Top 500 Universities, while four of them are well known in the Top 100 in the World which includes INSEAD, University of Paris, University of Strasbourg, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, École Polytechnique and Pierre and Marie Curie University.

France offers world class education and is particularly considered a wonderful option for those aspiring to study business related courses. The country is also deemed as the hub for international business and management education owing to its global ranking business schools. Let us look at some great scholarships offered to study in the universities in France: Eiffel Excellence Scholarships, Ile-De-France Masters scholarships, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs, École Normale Supérieure International Selection, Ampere Scholarships of Excellence at ENS de Lyon, INSEAD MBA scholarships among many others.

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