Facts you should know about computer Recycling

The computers are complex electronic systems consisting of a number of parts. An old computer which is outdated or having problems in performance or is completely redundant definitely needs to be thrown away. Putting the computer CPU, Monitors in the dustbin is not an eco friendly solution as the hazardous plastic, metals, mercury, lead contained in these devices can contaminate the land fills and the earth’s overall environment and even bring about harsh health hazards.


computer Recycling

Specialised free computer recycling companies help to eliminate this space consuming e-waste nuisances from the house, offices, schools. They also reuse the precious elements extracted from the e-waste which would go futile otherwise. They also help in Recycling Laptops.

 The systematic and privacy securing recycling

The hard drive is the storehouse of a lot of personal information which is feeded in the computers or laptops over its lifetime. This information can be leaked if it is not completely erased before its dispatch for recycling. Computer Recycling companies undertake this data or Hard Drive Destruction as a part of the systematic recycling procedure. Also, the services of recycling are absolutely provided free of cost.  The company staff is contributing immensely towards saving the environment from catastrophic accidents and losses. They are accredited from the environment agency, carry authorised ID cards and are very well informed and experienced in recycling and reusing all the computer parts to build newer devices. The complete identity of the owner is safeguarded by the responsible recycling companies. The Free Computer recycling is motivating many people to go for recycling IT waste and hence this ecofriendly company definitely deserve a hats off for doing such ethical job.

Computer Recycling

The recycling process and benefits

The computers or laptops are collected from the pick up centres are first manually disassembled.  The recyclable components from the Recycling Laptops and computers are then separated from the non recyclable ones by advanced shredding and granulating technologies. The metals are seperated with the help of magnets.

The Hard Drive Destruction is conducted on the site of collection itself on special request. Apart from some manufacturers of computers, there are special IT recycling companies who are doing a wonderful job of eliminating e-waste out of the ecology and reusing this wasteto produce some useful IT equipments.The three major elements which are recyclable and reusable include plastic, base metals and even processed glass. The recycled elements are used to refurbish IT equipments.

The major trash and wreck of the IT equipments is gathered from schools, offices, universities, labs. The recycling process ends on a positive note with certifications and audit reports which confirm 99.9% recovery of the hazardous mercury from the hazardous computer parts like Circuit Boards, Batteries, Mercury Lamps and also CRT’s with the help cutting edge recycling technology

The best part about the whole recycling process is that it is conducted very fast saving a lot of time, space and energy of the the owners of the e-waste. The pick up is scheduled within 24-72 hours of informing the company and the equipment is securely transported to the recycling warehouse. Also the equipments are tagged, so that they can be tracked while making the audit reports.

The benefits of the responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste extend to having environment sustainability. The earth’s sustainability can be threatened in case a bulk amount of noxious e-waste is dumped irresponsibly in the land fills.  The toxicity of the hazardous elements like mercury, cadmium is unbelievable and can impact human health.

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