Expert CRM Implementation Hacks Debunked: Words of Wisdom

Customer Relationship Management aka CRM solution as we all know is a fantastic tool, which helps businesses manage communication with their clients or customers. However, the success of a CRM system depends greatly on how it is implemented


This is why CXOs and sales managers ought to ensure that the entire organisation is in sync and every personnel in the company is on the same page prior to rolling out a new CRM system. In addition, a good sales manager and communication strategy play pivotal roles for an effective and company-wide CRM implementation.

So in order to provide some valuable insights into how sales managers ought to approach CRM implementation, here are some proven and tested implementation hacks hashed out from industry experts. We also refer to these hacks as the “Words of Wisdom”.


1. Processes that should be in place prior to implementation 

Managers need to ensure that these processes are exclusively objective driven and should define all the goals clearly that the business intends to achieve with the new CRM.

Secondly, often senior personnel and managers in a bid to haste things tend to neglect critical pointers such as defining the responsibilities and roles clearly to the stakeholders and users of the system.

Expert Advice: A successful CRM implementation is achievable only after setting up priorities and clearly defining the account abilities of each stakeholder and user. In fact, sales managers ought to perceive CRM software as an intuitive and strategic tool to attain organisational objectives. This is the secret to reap the expected return on investment from your CRM software

According to experts, critical factors that ought to be in place prior to rolling out a new CRM system are as follows:

  • Acknowledgement from key stakeholders as why the new CRM system is being implemented. What all issues the system would be addressing?
  • A lucid set of business goals and objectives
  • A well-defined guideline for all your marketing campaigns. It should portray the abilities of CRM system explaining how it would improve customer engagement and make life easier for your sales reps.

Apart from the aforementioned aspects, managers also need to ensure processes for vendor selection and system management.

Unfortunately, businesses overlook these core areas and this is where the problem crops up. Thus, sales managers ought to tighten the ropes when it comes to managing responsibilities between two prominent users of the system, which are IT crew and marketing/sales team.

  1. Identify crucial data channels that offer valid and actionable info

The key to reap the most from any CRM solution is effective data analysis. This is why data analysis becomes quintessential for sales managers. To achieve this, experts suggest the following:

  • Look out for all those channels and sources where customers engage the most with your brand/business. Social CRM is an amazing tool to track and identify social media channels where people talk about your business.
  • Another important to do thing for sales managers and analysts is to evaluate successful strategies and plans of the past. This helps to locate all those sources that witnessed excellent brand value and customer engagement in the past.
  • Acknowledge the potent and worth of new data channels/source. Here, CRM and sales managers ought to brainstorm for determining new data channels available that hold the potential to uplift customer engagement and provide access to actionable customer data.
  • Last but not the least, do not overlook the significance of reviewing data quality.


A Great CRM implementation reflects brand loyalty/affinity, optimum customer engagement, efficient sales management and customer loyalty.

Simply put, a perfect CRM solution is the right mix of marketing, service and sales collaterals that work collectively to delight customers with a personalised, timely and value-added experience.

When a sales manager is able to proactively foresee expectations of customers/prospects and meets the same in a timely manner as well as responds promptly to customers’ concerns in a personalised manner, you know for sure that the secret is an effective and finely implemented CRM system.

About the Author

Anwar Shaikh writes about business management solutions and technologies such as CRM, ERP and cloud-based payroll and HR solutions. A self-made and reared-up writer, Anwar writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of business management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.