Critical Changes to Social Networks in 2013

Fastest-growing social networks sites like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest. In the last year (2013) has made many changes in their websites


Critical Changes to Social Networks in 2013


  • Star Rating: Facebook now started a rating system for Business Pages. Your customer can rate your company or service on the scale from 1 to 5.
  • Social Graph Search: Facebook has offered the Graph Search to User’s. Graph search bring the data throughout the facebook of status, Photos, Likes and Comments.
  • Clickable Hashtag: Hashtag is help you to promote brand name or new product, to find new audience. And make them to participate in conversations.
  • Facebook Replies: Facebook Replies allow you to respond direct to your customers, also you to connect to your customers or fans. Helps you to make better conversation to your fans, can reply each and every individual comment.
  • Trending Topics: Trending topics this is similar to Twitter. This helps you to see the people who are talking about you in the facebook. Helps you connect to relevant audience in the facebook, can also expand your Brand.


  • Images in the Feed: Twitter introduces the image feed, it automatically shows the images in the feed as you scroll. It also improves more clicks, retweets, favorites, and overall engagement.
  • Lead-Gen Cards: Twitter introduces the Lead-Gen Cards. This helps easy sign up, generate leads and it helps to engage more people in the twitter. Twitter also provides custom analytics to show the performance of your cards, including leads, cost per click and ad spend

Google +:

  • Related Hashtags: This is relevant to twitter and facebook, but the google plus added automatically added the hasttag. It helps to discover relevant content search in Google Plus to reach relevant people.

 Linked In:

  • Showcase Pages: Showcase allows the user to create niche pages and can increase your more presence in the linked In. This helps you to engage more people with relevant content.


  • Pinterest Analytics: Pinterest now providing the free analytics tool for Business Accounts. It provides more insight and performance of your Business in Pinterest.
  • Rich Pins: Pinterest has introduce some new kind Rich Pins
  • Article pins: Include a headline, author, and story description.
  • Product pins: Include pricing, availability, and where to buy.
  • Recipe pins: Include ingredients, cooking times, and serving info.
  • Place pins: Include a map, address, and phone number.
  • Movie pins:  Include reviews, cast, and ratings