Choose the Right Packing Materials for Your Online Shipment

With advent of e-commerce, people order goods by sitting at the comforts of their homes. These goods are then delivered at the customer’s doorstep. While some of the goods come from local/domestic dealers, some of the shipments might be coming from foreign lands as well. In all cases, it is important to have the right kind of packaging so that the goods inside the package remains safe and in good condition. With right kinds of packaging materials, it can be ensured that the consignment will reach the customer in damage-free condition.


Choosing the right packing materials reduce shipment costs

Do you think that when a product comes with a free shipment facility it is really free? Yes, it is free for the customer because the price incurred in the shipping process is negligible. And the credit for the same can be awarded to the use of right kinds of packing materials. Packing can only get expensive when people do not know the tricks of the same. For instance, packing a small item in a big cardboard box will not only increase the volume, but also increase the weight of the parcel charging higher shipping fee. For small items, use smaller boxes. For documents use envelops or sealed mailing bags and similar supplies.

Filling the voids in the packing making it compact

Tight and compact packing is highly desirable for any kind of shipment. Lesser movement of the item inside the package will ensure lesser chances of damage. And for this, it is recommended to fill in the gaps in the parcel with different kinds of packing items. Some common ones include:

  • Bubble wraps – One of the best materials for filling in voids in parcels and packages, bubble wraps come in different varieties – as small bubble wraps and as large bubble wraps. The air filled polyethylene wraps come in varying lengths and widths and can be used as per requirement. After wrapping with a bubble wrap, affix some packaging tape so that the wrap keeps the item covered.

Bubble wraps

  • Styrofoam peanuts – Many leading ecommerce sites use Styrofoam peanuts for filling up voids in packages and parcels. Since these are small, they reach to every corner of the parcel providing suitable cushioning and reducing chances of any kinds of damages whatsoever.

Styrofoam peanuts

Other kinds of packaging materials used in online shipment

Some of the most common materials, which are used for sending online shipment include:

  • Cardboard boxes – Available in various shapes and sizes, cardboard boxes are probably the most commonly used packing materials for all kinds of parcels. Items can be sent to distant lands parceled in these cardboard boxes without fear of any damage to the items. They are environment friendly and safe for use.

Cardboard boxes

  • Envelops – Whether you want to send important documents and papers or a CD/DVD, books etc, envelops work best for such purposes. Mailing bags, grip seal bags, giffy bubble envelops, document enclosed wallets are also some materials in which the above mentioned items can be parceled safely.


  • Tapes – Fastening the parcel well is important. Without this, the parcel has a chance of opening while in transit and the item inside can get damaged. Choose from the varieties of packaging tapes available and use the one which is most suitable.


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