This Is How You Can Avoid Being Cheated With Fake Products Online

The online markets are like the real trends these days. Everything you want to purchase is just a click away. You want something, you go online, visit an e-commerce site, scroll down various options available, make a choice, add to your cart and tada, it’s done. With just a fingertip click you can go and shop, unbelievable! Who could have thought about this, years ago? Well, technology is all about getting the world to your fingertips!


Products OnlineThe paying options too are decent. Either you can choose cash on delivery (COD) where you pay in cash at your own door when your item is delivered or there are options such as paying through cards or magic cards, as I call them. Where just like magic, the payment is done and no money in raw form is required. These magic cards or the plastic money are your debit and credit cards. Then you also have an option of paying through online banking.

With an influx of how easy things have become due to the internet, one doesn’t really need to go to distant stores or shopping malls to buy things when everything is just a click away. However, with a rise in online shopping there is a rise in online scamming too. You pay for something and you are delivered something else and in the worst case, not delivered at all. It would hurt, because with just a click, all your hard earned money can be gone. In this case it solely comes down to you as a buyer to be AWARE! Yes, you got me right.

Awareness is very important in today’s smart and overfriendly world of technology. You should really know what exactly you are looking for.

  • Do a little research about the product that you are going to purchase. Make sure your make purchases from trusted sites which are not only secured, but offer secure delivery of your goods.
  • Check if the payment options are equally secured. If you come across a deal which offers a product at a ridiculously low price, trust your gut. It could be a trap.
  • Do not click on advertisements that pop up at your computer’s screen. These might be loopholes that are designed to get your personal information and can result in very dangerous situations.
  • Keep your login and personal details confidential. Install various firewalls, antivirus applications to keep you safe from virus attacks, hackers and other malware.

Sellar rating is vital.

  • Check the seller ratings before you purchase anything. If a seller has no selling history, then be careful before making a purchase from him. You can also contact a seller before you place an order and resolve your queries about your product.
  • Please go through the product description. For example, you want to buy a t-shirt online from T-shirt design studio. Go through the images of the t-shirts put up by the seller. If there are no images, turn that offer down.
  • Go through various product reviews. Trust me they offer a great insight into the character of the product.
  • See if the feedback option on the website is working. Usually when a product is delivered, make a video recording while opening of the package.

Feedbacks come in as very handy. Not only can you go through other buyer’s feedback, but you can also put your views across the platform in a very subtle way.

  • Be aware of your rights and duties as a buyer. Go through the sites Buyer Protection Guarantee service. This ensures that a company is responsible for timely and safe delivery of the product. The company also chooses a responsible courier service which does not tamper with the originality of the product.
  • Every website has their own terms and conditions. Read them very carefully, including those which are related to any dispute resolution. See if the site has a return policy. Go through it. If you are not satisfied with a product after it has been delivered, you should be aware of the return policy.

When you shop online, knowledge is the only tool to protect yourself from being scammed. So, educate yourself well. Happy Shopping!


Isha Singh, an avid app developer is trying to take advantage of the technical knowledge she has to help people gain a foothold in the digitized world. Read her sharing her views on web and app development, the latest being Magento Extension development.