Bride-in-Action: An inspiration for all the girls

Bridal lehenga is one such close hearted possession that every girl embraces her entire life. It is exquisitely beautiful for her and she can never get over with its beauty. As soon as the wedding approaches, every bride looks for thousand options and after much of search, one such piece gets to her catch. But the question always wobbles her had “what she will do with that heavy outfit after the wedding is over”?




Here we landed up with one such bride who took it on her to design her lehenga and later framed it to reflect the love she and her husband share.  Their love story is beautifully carved on the entire lehenga and it has been done in all its grace. She did not find something of her desire in the market or any Bridal lehenga online and so she jumped to design for herself.


Kresha Bajaj, who is the owner of the label, Koesch finds herself on ecstasy when her manoeuvre to design something close to her heart finally came to reality. In incredible love with her husband Vanraj Zaveri, she has got an inspiration from The Real Housewives and how Adrian in that farmed her wedding dress; she decided to frame her lehenga likewise. Therefore, it has to be unique and so she made it. It resulted into a beauty that is unexplained yet provokes thousands of emotions she put into it.


It represents her entire love story to how they met the proposal and all the important moments up until the wedding. The lehenga is beautifully sewn and inculcate some hidden elements that grace it even more.


Buy lehenga online was not her sport and she  may have ditched all the rising options like lehenga style saree and different lehenga choli all to stick with this one outfit she desired to design for herself. Not going with designer lehengas, her piece of interest to carve her entire journey with her husband is a masterpiece she is all set to frame now.
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