A Complete Guide to Match a Wristwatch to your Outfit

Most men don’t give a second thought about matching what little accessories they have with their outfits. Fortunately for you, we are not “most men,” and you aren’t either since you are here for advice about how to match your outfit with a great wristwatch. Let’s start with the basics. The first question should be how much interest you have in a watch? How frequently you wear one? Do they have a specific purpose or you wear the same thing everywhere? If you are wondering why any of this is relevant then we have a lot of work in front of us. But if you have a clear idea, you already have half the job done.


If you have the disposable income to invest in a good and solid watch you probably own more than one. If you are on a budget is very likely that you have only one. In each case, you need to take the same course of action: a revision of your dressing code. It really shouldn’t even be mentioned but the more watches you have, the more diverse can be your combinations of wardrobe you can set out to begin an all-purpose collection that secure the following features:

  • A classic dress watch on a silver case with a leather strap, preferably black
  • A dress watch with a gold case and a strap of your choice (leather or metal work fine)
  • A personal watch suited to your personality, preferably with a classic design.


Matching Formality

When the time to go outcomes you’ll need to have a bright idea of the type of event you are going. Is a formal one? or a casual outing? What clothes do you need? The quick guide is actually very simple to follow: if you are required to wear a tie you are going to a formal event, your choice of clothes should be simple: a two-piece suit, a shirt, and your matching shoes will make you blend in. When it’s time for accessories, the silver dress watch is a perfect choice since it won’t make you stand out and it can be very discreet.

If you need to attend a business meeting the dress code applied previously work wonders here too, but your choice of a watch can be a bit flashier. Go with your gold-case metal strap watch. Wear dark tones to accentuate your timepiece without making it steal your whole look. For events related to casual meetings with friends or sports events, you need another type of equipment that we are not touching on these lines.

There are a few additional pointers you should have into account: if you are using a watch with leather straps, they go really well with leather shoes on the same color. And while no one will see it under the jacket of your suit, you should also wear a matching belt of the same color.

Matching Rules 101

As you try several combinations to get a better idea of what looks good on you, there a few codes you should take into account to make the matching work in your favor. Think about these few pieces of advice as a hack to handle the dressing code to your favor at all moments:

  • While a black suit always looks good it can become very dull in no time- You can wear other dark colors with brown shoes, in your watch have interchangeable straps then you are set. You can have as many looks as you like and to avoid a dressing faux pas, you can match the color of your shoes to the color of the strap of your watch.
  • Keep in mind that the c will always be the top choice for formal events while the brown strap is the best for casual events. You can equate your outfit, but only if you are wearing dark colors on the bottom and clear colors on the top. Blue dressing pants and a white shirt go really well with black shoes and a brown watch.
  • If you own a silver-colored wristwatch, they usually go great with black shoes, or grey, or silver and a few tones of blue. A gold watch usually goes better with earth tones. Be mindful of your choices and always look for balance.
  • If you happen to own a smartwatch, bear in mind that while useful and modern, they are not fitted for classic attire. Most fashion advisers don’t even consider the accessory a watch per-se, since the technology is more closely related to your smartphone and it’s actually accessed from it. Wearing a smartwatch with formal attire will put you in the same position as someone checking its phone frequently to dispense attention anywhere but where he is.
  • If by some chance you happen to be one of the men who like to accessorize with some more items (like rings or single plates) you really need to match them before wearing them, otherwise you run the risk of looking like a street hoodlum, the determining factor will be the case of your watch if it’s golden then you should go for a golden belt buckle and a brown suit.

watch leather strap

The Versatility of a Modern Watch with a Vintage Design

After getting processing all this information you will need to take a moment to examine your own wardrobe. If you plan to become a watch enthusiast – Ambassador is there to have your back. The brand has been building momentum for most of the past year, and they are ready to offer their Heritage Line that covers most of the requirements on this list of pointers about how to follow a dress code.

The watches offered by the Ambassador line are crafted for the user who wants to look good using the latest technology especially fitted for them and their requirements at a low cost. The Ambassador heritage is focused on representing the concepts of certain years of the XX century by keeping their vintage essence while offering a brand new design, fully functional and prepped to deliver positive results for a long time.

The End Game of a Good Combination

It’s amazing that we are able to define the entire functionality of an outfit based solely on the watch you decide to wear. The good thing about making the right choice is that the end result of your outfit will be the full enhancement of your overall look. Since a classic looking wristwatch it’s all about the levels of sophistication it can deliver is good to have one for a formal event but they certainly can’t do the job alone. You still need to invest in your clothing. A three-piece suit is an excellent approach to dates and meetings, so make sure to try them out.

A good looking wristwatch is an investment, and you should treat it as such. While the Ambassador line is well known for being sturdy pieces of machinery, they can still get damaged. Try to avoid using them out of their element. They might be lined with water protection features, but sweat and rain can still damage them. Don’t wear you collection watches to casual events, much less to sports ones.


Author Bio: Nadya Melik is the Social Director at Ambassador Watches. She is well-renowned for her sense of men’s fashion and spotting thread before they become popular. That combined with great social skills, excellent communication experience and her personal touch of fashion makes her the ultimate social director for a watch company.