8 Insightful Tips to Improve eCommerce Website Usability

eCommerce Website Usability

Being an online store owner, you can’t overlook the usability of your website. If you want to generate higher conversions and improve online sales, you’ ll need to focus on improving your eCommerce site’s usability in terms of accessibility, consistency, and relevancy. This will encourage more visitors to stay longer on your site and make buying decision instantly.


Modern online shoppers are quite smart and they expect more from E-commerce websites. Personalized shopping experience, one-page checkout process, free shipping options and high-quality product images are some of the key factors that a web visitor looks for before making any buying decision.

If you want to encourage your targeted web audience to buy something from your web store, make sure you give them rich and seamless shopping experience by boosting the usability of your site. Below are some of the best tips that will help you achieve your targeted web business goals quickly and easily:

1. Page Loading Issue:

A slow loading website gives the most frustrating experience to your visitors. Most of the visitors expect a page to load quickly on their PC/laptop/mobile devices and tabs. If your site takes more than 2-seconds to load a web page, they will immediately abandon your site, and search for an alternative website without making any delay.

Fortunately, there are several ways to speed up your website. Just make sure you follow all the possible steps to make your online faster. This will encourage visitors to land on your site quite often and look for products/services they need.

2. A Familiar Navigation Layout On Your Website:

Inconsistent and complicated navigation layout frustrates visitors and encourages them to abandon your website without taking any further action (such as browsing the product pages, subscribing your newsletter, placing an order for the purchase of goods/services, making an inquiry, etc,).

So, make sure you use simple and recognizable navigation bar at the top of your website, along with the links to main pages to give hassle-free navigation experience to your web visitors. Also, organize your site’s categories and sub-categories in the simplest way and use the most common terms to help visitors understand your business message easily. This will definitely improve the usability of your web store.

. Responsive Website Design:

Responsive Design

The percentage of mobile usage is increasing day by day. People are finding it convenient to access the  Internet through their smartphones rather than computers and laptops. That is why Internet browsing through mobile devices have surpassed PC/laptop searches for the first time in 2016. This means creating a mobile-friendly eCommerce site can help you generate more leads, quality traffic and maximum revenues for your web business.

If you fail to add responsive features to your website, Google might penalize it with lower rankings in search results, which is not good for your web business at all.

So, make sure that your web store is easily accessible on all devices and give soothing scrolling and navigating experience to your mobile visitors.

If you are running an online store on Magento and want to make your site responsive, then hire a reputed Magento development company ASAP in case you don’t know how to do it. If you are running an online store on Magento and want to make your site responsive, then hire a reputed Magento development company ASAP in case you don’t know how to do it.

4. Use Images Carefully:

You should use high quality images if you want to visitors to convert into potential web customer. A relevant, engaging and quality images of product stimulates people to make buying decision instantly, which in turn boost your online sales.

But using too many images could slow down your web store and drastically affects your conversion rates and SEO ranking. In order to make a proper use of images, make sure you optimize the sizes of all your image files before uploading them on your site. This will make your site run faster and also boost its usability.

5. Avoid Using Complex CAPTCHAs:

Spam comments and online attacks are quite common in these days. They are just like a nightmare for many site owners and webmasters. To combat spam comment and the automated submissions of web forms, many web store owners add the CAPTCHA codes on their web pages.

Although this makes it difficult for bots to guess the complicated CAPTCHA forms, it can dramatically damage your usability and kill your conversions.

If you are really serious about increasing the usability of your E-commerce site, you should think of using a less complicated CAPTCHA or its alternative.

6. Sitemap & Search Features:

Offering easy and smooth navigation functionality is essential to keep visitors coming to your site over and over again, but you should also introduce some more exciting tricks to keep them engaging.

There are some visitors who look for a search function on your E-commerce portal. Some others want to dive deep into your website using a sitemap. Since the sitemap contains links to your important web pages allowing search engines to crawl your site easily, you should focus on creating a well-structured sitemap for your web store.

This will help visitors to find products and services easily on your E-commerce portal.

7. Display Testimonials:


To boost the brand value of your web store, make sure you display genuine customer testimonials/feedbacks, recommendations and reviews on your site. It helps potential customers to make up their mind before the making buying decision. This will take your web store’s usability to the next level.

But to collect customer reviews, you will need to encourage your existing customers to give their feedback related to their recent purchase on your web store. You can also use several E-commerce rating & review platforms to collect feedbacks from your customers.

8. 24*7 Live support:

Live Support

Online shoppers that buy from your eCommerce site, may encounter some issues related your products and services. If you add a live chat program to your site, it will help your customers to escalate their issues easily and get instant answers.


Improving eCommerce site’s usability can help you get more customers and enhance the user experience of your site These are some areas where you need to focus on to keep buyers engaged on your website, increase its usability and boost sales.

About the author:

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