8 Best Mobile Checkout Optimization Tips for Ecommerce Website in 2016

Ecommerce website conversion optimization involves several steps in a sequence in the funnel. Ecommerce designers and programmers have to craft each step carefully to yield maximum benefits from each UI element involved.


Check out is nearly the last milestone of a customer journey that turns a visitor into a shopper as soon as payment had done. Unfortunately, at this juncture, shopping cart abandon rate is high, and much literature with polished advice is available on the web to avoid such unfortunate mishaps.

When we had explored the web, all tips were targeting desktop experiences of ecommerce and little stuff has written on a mobile journey of shoppers. At present, mobiles have occupied a significant chunk of audience who is clinging on mobiles all times and for all purposes.

Therefore, we have decided to focus on mobile checkout optimization tasks during app designing and programming for an ecommerce adventure. We have described tips for mobile checkout optimization after thorough investigation and based on intensive experiences of our ecommerce developers

mobile checkout optimization

Take Mobile First Approaches

Whenever you are going to design e-commerce web user interfaces, think of mobile audience and mobile devices first. We know mobiles have several form factors and their constraints such as

  • Smartphones have tiny screens while tablets have comparatively big screens
  • Mobiles have tough screens for touch gestures instead of precise pointing devices like mouse in desktops
  • Mobiles have unique hardware features such as an accelerometer, camera, direct phone capabilities, etc.
  • Use-cases of devices are different in mobiles due to mobility factors
  • Connectivity is unpredictable, and offline capability is essentiality

No. 1: Smart Placement of UI Elements

Now, the question is that how these mobile factors can influence Mobile Checkout Optimization process, particularly for ecommerce developers? How they can overcome its constraints.

To understand it, let’s look at UX research on how users hold mobile devices and their percentages. There are three prime gestures, which used the most:

  • One-hand holding-50%
  • Cradle style holding-40%
  • Two-hands holding-15%

In one-handed and cradle style holding of mobile devices, single hand operations are taking place. Therefore, the lower portion of the smartphone has the easy reach of thumb and fingers, and upper portions are hard to reach.

Based on above facts, we can outline mobile screens in following zones.


  • Easy Reach Zone with most comfort
  • Okay Reach Zone with the least comfort
  • Hard Reach Zone with nil comfort

What do you mean with these observations for UX designers working on checkout page designs?

Yes, UX designers have to place the most significant UI elements in easy and Okay areas so it can please users with best experiences.


Amazon’s shopping basket is an ideal example of it.

No. 2: Prefer Multiple Pages

Based on above findings of comfort zones to operate checkout process on mobile devices, we can confer one more thing, and it is scrolling. If you make the page longer than a single screen length, it makes difficult to reach Easy and Okay areas.

Therefore, shoppers may avoid long scrolling and abandon cart as a result. In order to prevent it, you must divide checkout page into multiple pages with bare necessities.

For instance, you can minimize the number of textual input areas/fields and introduce browsing, selection of options, and press buttons for incremental options.

It may help you reduce text inputs which ultimately require keyboard input modules to appear and occupy a significant portion of the screen of tiny mobile. Therefore, Next button is the best way to break checkout page in logical and sizable pages.

No. 3: Use Progress Indicators

The aim of successful checkout is to close the deal as soon as possible without leaving any scope of cart abandonment. Therefore, checkout processes are shorter as much as possible and require minimal steps.

If you can place some sorts of progress indicators that display how many steps are involved in checkout and where shoppers are staying at the present moment, it may help shoppers to accomplish process quickly and relieve them from anxieties.

mobile checkout optimization

Use the green or blue color for the active step of checkout and gray color for completed or remaining steps for best user experiences in horizontal tab-like progress indicators. Another way is to display checkout steps in an accordion format, as vertical layout.

mobile checkout optimization

Today accordion format is highly used as it is saving space by collapsing and expanding sequentially.

No. 4: Speedup Checkout Process

According to a recent survey on mobile checkout page speed, nearly 60% shoppers abandon carts when page load speed found greater than three (3) seconds did. At other hands, mobile connectivity is unpredictable and despite the introduction of 3G and 4G technologies, we are wondering in wild.

  • If you minimize graphics or intense graphic object in UI layouts such as carousels, you can boost speed further
  • The social media access can make a difference in conversion in ecommerce process. However, at checkout like vital stage, they are not recommended for each ecommerce business, and its scripts can cut the speed
  • If you can host essential graphics including logo, icons, etc. on Content Delivery Network (CDN), it may speed up page load and the entire checkout process
  • Take help of Google Page Speed like services by installing it on your server to enhance page load speed further

No. 5: Guest Checkout Option

According to a survey, compulsory registration or prolonged registration process prove great hindrance for best checkout user experiences. Therefore, it is better you try to eliminate registration step by giving Guest Checkout option.

mobile checkout optimization

If registration is essential for the sake of security and according to nature of your ecommerce, you can include registration with social media profiles options to cut the typing and confirmation steps, which are daunting for most of the mobile users.

Moreover, you should mildly depict the significance of registration through brief texts below CTA buttons and win your visitors to do it willingly rather than forcefully. Of course, you need to reduce the form fields of guest checkout layout and assure better experiences with minimal required info.

No. 6: Ensure Security

Money transactions always raise security threats and winning trusts of a shopper on safety aspects is crucial for ecommerce success. Therefore, during the checkout process, you need to depict what kinds of security measures you have taken and how do you follow international security standards in your ecommerce.

Therefore, you need to show various security related icons and certificates as well as an emphasis on safety through textual presentations to win your shoppers during the entire checkout process and you can start it at the beginning of checkout page.

Today simple SSL certificates do not impress online visitors much so try to include Extended Validation Certificates (EV) and other certificates from high authorities in your checkout page design.

mobile checkout optimization

For payment options, the inclusion of PayPal, Amazon, and Google like authenticate payment gateways can build trust among the shoppers as your page is redirecting them to their official sites or modules and reduce risks of critical data exchanges.

No. 7: Keep Shopper in Checkout, Not Out

If you use links to send your shoppers out of checkout pages to collect vital or standard information, you may lose them forever, and they may not come back due to frustration or by finding shopping cart of your competitors.

It has seen that shipping info, return policies, and FAQs are essential info for many shoppers that they want to consult it while doing shopping. If you can keep that info in checkout process rather than sending visitors on their individual pages, you can keep your shoppers in checkout process for longer.


Expandable accordion dropdowns can solve space problem smartly, and you can use it in your checkout pages freely for better mobile checkout experiences.

No. 8: Fast Payment Options

For the sake of security, people refrain from entering credit/debit card details anywhere on first purchase and only put trust on PayPal, Amazon, or Google Wallet like express services.

mobile checkout optimization

Author Bio:

Tarang Vyash is a Head of Development Team at Perception System Pvt. Ltd., the Leading eCommerce Development Company.  He has been in the industry for last 15+ Years.