7 Stages of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Every company wants to manifest and maintain great results. But the expected results never come if a company has no strategy for a further development. Starting a business, no one thinks about failure. But the failures happen more frequently than successful campaigns. In fact, 95% companies endure losses within the first year after running a startup. However, a proper marketing strategy can help your business attract and obtain new customers.


To create an effective strategy, you need to accomplish several important steps. Here we collected 7 basic stages that will help you develop a working approach to your business.

7 Stages of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Stage 1. Determine the vision to set the goals

Your team and you should share the common vision for the campaign. A leader should explain to the team how exactly he sees the further development of the campaign and the vision of the company in 1-5-10 years. Vision is not the goals. They are the way to achieve the vision. The vision should come before the goals. In fact, it should determine the purpose of your marketing strategy.

Your business starts with the idea and setting goals that you want to reach. This regularly builds the strategy for running a business.

The goals can be of two types: short-time and long-time. You need to take into consideration both of them, as sometimes they require different methods and different approaches. Your strategy should also undergo some changes according to these methods.

Stage 2. Choose your TA

Your marketing strategy should always be created on the basis of the investigation your target audience. The experience of your users should indicate the ways you choose for communication and presentation your business to customers. Choosing a proper approach to your target audience almost always means success.

To decide on your target audience, you need to communicate with your customers and analyze the experience of your competitors. Of course, you cannot get the access to the marketing strategy details of competing companies, but you can analyze the way they offer products to the clients.

Stage 3. Choose ways of communication

After you have chosen your target audience, you need to choose ways of communication. In marketing, there are several ways to reach your customers: advertisements, boards, prints, social networks, emails, etc.

Online ways of communication work perfectly for a young audience. However, sometimes this way is also effective for reaching an older audience. For example, Facebook can be used for anyone, while Instagram is the most effective for a young female audience.

The best way to incorporate communication into your marketing strategy, it to hire SMM specialist – social media marketing specialist who can help your business get involved in the Internet marketing benefits.

Stage 4. Decide on promotion materials

Advertising is an important part of pushing your product on a market. The promotional materials you choose for running your campaign should also be chosen according to your goals, TA and the ways of communication that you have previously chosen.

If you run B2B campaign, you should be very careful with choosing promo materials. Build relations with your clients: provide them with the most intriguing offers, give them discounts and allow them to receive all services and products before they get available for everyone.

Stage 5. Try different options

Even if you have already selected some options for reaching your goals, do not limit your business with them. You should always try different ways of reaching your customers and incorporate a variety of ways to communicate with your clients.

You should also remember that you need to attract new clients and work on building strong relations with your clients. Keep in mind that new ways of attracting clients appear daily. It means that you need to accomplish a permanent work on creating some new offers.

The more options you implement, the more attentive you should be with your analysis.  Each option that you choose for running your business should be double checked and double analyzed.

Stage 6. Analyze campaign effectiveness

The analysis is your weapon for getting proper results. You may think that you have settled proper goals, chosen proper target audience for your business, and found the most effective ways of communications along with the ways to implement your marketing campaign, but a deeper analysis can show that you have been mistaken.

The analysis should always be accomplished in a different context. It means that when you want to count the productivity of your campaign, you do not need revenue. You need to understand what channels of your strategies bring more profit, and which of them are less effective. Perhaps, you have incorporated some methods that are absolutely useless for your business. If you determine them, you can save money and time for creating more effective strategies that can bring better results.

Stage 7. Limit your budget

Perhaps, the biggest mistake you can make in running your business is not to limit available budget. Even if you have investors and permanent flow of money, you always need to find ways to save. In online advertising, there are always different options available. You can select platforms where you pay more but get fewer customers, and you can choose platforms that cost almost nothing but bring more clients.

Moreover, when you limit your budget you avoid losing everything. However, there are some things which require spending big money. These things are communication with your customers, support, and high quality of your product or service.

A strategy for running your business should be prepared in advance. You need to track all the prospects and select the most effective solutions for a campaign. Moreover, you always need to keep in mind that marketing is a process. It means that you cannot incorporate marketing for a couple of months and wait for the benefits. You need to connect marketing and your business, persistently following new tendencies and looking for better working options.

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