6 tips for a hassle-free online shopping

Before you even confirm your purchase, are you sure you’ve bought a quality gadget from a credible and reliable online retailer?


Shopping in this day and age has been made seamless and convenient with the rise of ecommerce. These online websites/stores offers class A service and high quality products. Well, at least that’s what their “About Us” page says about them.

Online Shopping

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Ask any frequent online shoppers and they’ll likely tell a tale of their own online shopping horror story; from never receiving their $200 worth of purchase to receiving their package that doesn’t closely resemble the photo of the item they ordered — a complete fraud/scam.

Among the items that makes us second our thoughts before hitting the “buy” button are gadgets and electronics mainly because they’re expensive (price-wise, some are cheaper online).

Don’t be deceived and fall into these black holes. Here are handy tips to keep in mind when buying online.

Review and research. Yes, it is important that you review the product details. But do your review beyond that.

Also research about the product or the item you plan on buying. Read its specifications, features, reviews about it and the latest buzz on it to ensure it’s what you want. This is especially essential if you’re buying electronics and gadgets. Why is this essential? Because there are a lot of knockoffs, counterfeit products and clones that are being produced and obviously, you don’t want that.

Shop from trusted sellers. Among the top and most trusted retail online stores are Amazon, eBay, and online stores of various established brands (e.g. Nike, Adidas, Forever21, Apple, etc.).

These days, e-commerce has evolved from website stores to using different social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. With this, it’s become easier for sellers to scam customers and cut them off once the payment is made. But be equally cautious as well when browsing through online websites, you’ll never know. To be sure, browse straight from the top and trusted online retailers.

Check product reviews. Once again, don’t forget to check the reviews of the product, seller and online retailer as well. Buyers will most likely leave their reviews for the seller and the item they bought. To get a bit of an insight if a seller is trustworthy and credible, check out the customer’s review regarding them, their service and the overall experience.

Beware of scammers. Scammers are everywhere. And now that transactions are made easier and convenient through online, more and more scammers went on their modus operandi and brought their cruel intentions online. Do check if the website you’re visiting is the official website of the online retailer and not just a clone or fake website made to scam customers.

Probably the easiest way to avoid this is either you shop in-store. But you don’t want the hassle of hopping in and out of countless stores and walk home empty handed, do you? Find a secure way to buy stuff online. Again, go straight and shop from your trusted online retailer who already has an established record and high-class service.

Review warranties, return and refund policies. Most products are under the manufacturer’s warranty but there are constrictions to this in some cases such as when it is not bought from a specific retailer.

In terms of refunds and returns, read through their policies on the website. Usually, their requirements regarding returns, refunds and replacements are indicated in the website’s help center or FAQs section. Ask to validate if needed.

If possible, opt for cash on delivery. Cybercriminals are lurking over your activities online and they can scroll through your bank information, personal information and the likes.

To avert any issues and predicaments like it, choose the option to pay the item/s on delivery. With this, you are able to check if the product is legitimate and of high quality. If there are damages or any concerns about it, you can opt to have it replaced on the spot.

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