5 Magnificent Military Vehicles in the World

The ever-changing landscape of global armed combat has called forth a continued commitment to developing the latest mean machines that are primarily used for warfare. Complemented with advanced technology and engineering innovations, these rovers can spell life or death for the world’s armies on the field.


Used in global security and defense, armored vehicles and military machines can both look fearsome and fascinating at the same time. To deal with highly volatile situations, these fierce machines are equipped with the most sophisticated features. Military vehicle manufacturers worldwide pour passion, time and resources in coming up with these vehicles to provide mobility solutions in tactical situations today and the very near future.

Here are five of the world’s most impressive military vehicles:

1. SilentHawk Motorcycle

Starting off with a two-wheeler, the world waits with bated breath as this all-wheel hybrid-electric bike is being developed with the support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the United States Armed Forces.

Created with covert mobility in mind, this vehicle features a silent electric mode that allows it to operate at 55 decibels, crucial for Special Operation soldiers to get to enemy territory undetected.

The SilentHawk also features a multi-fuel system that allows it to burn whatever fuel is available on the field. These include gasoline, diesel, JP5 and JP8 jet propellants. It also has an advanced control system and an auxiliary charging system. The motorbike’s genset can also be used to charge its battery park or any plug-in devices that the rider uses.

With its on-demand, front-wheel motor, this low-acoustic bike can ably maneuver steep inclines and difficult terrain.


This Long Range Special Operations Vehicle is a 4×4, 6-speed special operations vehicle that features an open top for long-range reconnaissance missions. It is powered by 296 horses and 1,100 Nm of torque making it a highly capable multi-terrain military vehicle.

Based on a multi-purpose platform, the AJBAN is highly customizable to accommodate a spectrum of user-specified equipment. The modular nature of this vehicle makes for easy variant configuration and adapt to user requirements. This functionality can be extremely beneficial for multi-mission use.

Powerful as it is with a high mounted heavy machine gun ring and gun mounts, better situational awareness and self-defense can be addressed with all crew positions filled as it can also be fitted with an optional 5th seat. Ballistic and blast protection can also further enhance the AJBAN’s shielding capabilities.

Its lightweight feature makes it easy to transport by helicopter and can easily traverse all types of terrain.

3. Tiny Tanks

Tiny military-grade tanks could be another solution to agile combat. With DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technology program (GXV-T) initiative, an entirely new era of tanks and armored combat vehicles would be able to offer tank-like protection on a vehicle resembling a futuristic All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) but in a much smaller size than a traditional tank.

They may be diminutive in size but their features aren’t. They boast of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities. These windowless vehicles will be able to “see” beyond the protective shell through the aid of a wraparound display and a headset. The crew inside will also be have enhanced military intelligence with crucial war zone information and safe routes strategically overlayed on the display.

Another advantage? They claim that the absence of windows pose lesser threat and damage to the personnel inside.

4. HAFEET  Military Ambulance

Providing crucial medical care for wounded troops in the battlefield, the HAFEET armored ambulance ably delivers immediate attention to injured armies in critical situations.

Running on 360hp at 1,100 Nm of torque, this 6×6 6-speed automatic ambulance provides agile mobility on war grounds. Wrapped in blast and ballistic protection, it also features a battery management system, central tyre inflations system, and run flat inserts as part of its standard features making it an efficient transport option in emergency scenarios.

Because of its multi-platform structure, it can be configured according to the user’s specifications to make room for a wider set of medical equipment. Commander and driver can slide in through the side doors comfortably while a medic, two seated patients, and two patients on a stretcher can go through the rear access. Extra headroom is also made possible by the extended roof.

5. JAIS 6×6

Running with 600hp under the hood, this six-speed 6×6 multipurpose military vehicle offers a unique balance of survivability and mobility in one package. With multi-role applications, all-terrain capability and multiple customization options, this is an ideal choice for troops deployed in highly volatile combat zones.

This Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle van can also be deployed as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) because of its outstanding protection and mobility. Offering a 60 percent higher level of protection and payload capacity compared to more traditional designs, the JAIS can supply troops with a full suite of weapons, ammunition, and rations.

The highly-modular capabilities of this crossover features a modern powertrain and suspension system, impressive power-to-weight ratio, and exceptional situational awareness.

With the unpredictable nature of global disputes, the need to prepare armed and armored vehicles is necessary. Having these automotive inventions can be handy when it comes down to protecting the people and the land.

Fortified and highly equipped with all the bells and whistles 21st-century technology and human ingenuity can offer, these military vehicles can be the modern army’s key to get their missions accomplished.


 Miles Chambers is the Senior International Business Development and Sales Manager of NIMR Automotive LLC.

He joined NIMR Automotive in October 2016 as Senior International Business Development and Sales Manager. In this capacity, Miles oversees NIMR Automotive’s expansion to Global markets, particularly into Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition to his responsibilities at NIMR Automotive, Miles is the Chairman of the Azerbaijan-South Africa Chamber of Commerce.