5 Ecommerce Marketing Predictions for 2016

Online shoppers are getting cleverer and their expectations are getting huge day by day. As the competition gets fiercer, the increase in traffic and consumer spending also goes hand-in-hand hence you can no more put your product on the internet and sit back to see it sell by itself. Ecommerce marketing is expected to make huge shifts in this year. Here are some surefire trends and prediction expected to take the crown in 2016.5 Ecommerce Marketing Predictions for 2016


1] Increase in Content Marketing

Content marketing is nothing new, but the way eCommerce will use it to shift over the coming years will be quite difference. There is no more benefit in the generic content designed with SEO keywords, but it is now to satisfy the content hungry consumers who are looking for useful, specific, targeted content than never before.

So make sure you are rocking at the niche product lines, selling points, call to actions to quench the thirst of the customers.

2] Video Marketing will be Huge

Video is another important thing to keep in mind. “Video is expected to take over 69% of the consumer’s internet traffic by the end of 2017” according to recent stats by Cisco. So that’s a huge opportunity for small eCommerce companies to advantage of tools that are available to produce high quality videos and it is not necessary to go with traditional advertising to grab people’s attention. The thing is the video has to be shared in a way that users seek out and talk about it.

3] User-Friendly Website Layout is Must

Consumers are tremendously looking for awesome eCommerce experience. Responsive mobile websites, flexible image sizes, adaptable content, fluid grid layouts must be included in your website if it doesn’t have it.

Nowadays card layouts are getting more and more popular. Since mobile traffic is increasing virally, mobile commerce revenue will definitely give a huge impact to the entire revenue of digital commerce in the upcoming years. So make sure your website is easy navigate, things are picky, buttons are touch friendly in multiple screen, if not you will see significant traffic drops in 2016!

4] Social Media Marketing Makes Targeting Easier

Though Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are in the overwhelming list of social media giants, there are lot more websites to reach out for niche focused targeting. Twitter and Pinterest have done good experimentations and now they offer us the ability to sell products straightaway from their websites.

So, Ecommerce businesses have huge opportunities to pinpoint their audience and increase their ROI through right target audience.

5] Email Marketing Still Works

Even with the rise of social media, email marketing still got its place in the top. That is the reason why you still see email collection boxes [subscription] in the ecommerce websites of big companies.

Shopping is nothing without exclusive discounts, coupon codes, etc., that could be availed in exchange for giving up their email addresses. 2016 will see more of such stuff yielding good results driving away more sales.

Certainly 2016 will give bigger changes in ecommerce industry, and we will continue to see huge shifts in the online shopping market. So, what are the marketing trends you are looking for in 2016? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author:

Sasi Rekha is an e-marketing professional who works for an ecommerce web development company in Chennai. Blogging is her passion, and she’s so keen on exploring ecommerce and social media trends for a future-proof marketing.