5 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

5 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Sending without Testing: Send the mailers without testing the mailer in all aspects, because all may use different mail system like outlook, Gmail, yahoo etc.  So make sure before scheduling the campaign that reach all the mailbox without any hassle.


Using the poor Images/ Photography: Using the poor images/photography in the mailer design will reduce your brand value and success metrics.

Find the best day to send your Email Campaigns: Find the best day and time to send your email campaigns in the week, because it will create more impact to your customer. Find which day has more opening and click’s based on the report schedule your campaign and achieve your goal in a smart way.

Use Inspire and the Effective Subject Line: Create more interest in the subject line and that will increase more open rates of your email campaign.

Use Mobile Version Link in the Mailer: Rapid growth of smartphone, nowadays more people are accessing the mail in their smartphone. So make the design which fits to all the smartphones.