4 Best Sounding Earbuds Under 20$

Having a pair of good earbuds is a must be in our today society.


Even if you’re walking or you’re travelling to work, it’s nice to have a high quality pair of earbuds, for listening to your favourite music.

However, most of the people, don’t want to spend a fortune for this accessory and price is their main concern when it comes to it. So, is it possible to find a pair of good earbuds, for a convenient price?

Yes, it is! In the following article, we will focus on that and we will present you the best sounding earbuds, under $20. Best sounding earbuds

4) CB3 Metal – $19.99
Like the name suggests it, this pair of earbuds is made almost entirely of metal. The strong materials will make this accessory last for a long time, making it durable and resistant. Even if it’s thin, the cable is very strong, and you have no chance to break it.

Despite other earbuds models that are made of plastic, this one has metal on all its main parts. The jack is compatible to most devices, and it can be used to your PC, smartphone, Mp3 Player or iPod. CB3 Metal has a unique sound and you will be impressed by its very clear highs and well defined lows.

The bass is extremely solid and these earbuds will tremble in your ear, when using them on high volume. The Metal earbuds are indeed a little more expensive than other models, but considering their high quality materials and great sound, they worth the investment.

3) Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ATE in ears – $12.99
Knowledge is not a popular brand in the earphones industry, but that’s not important. KZ has very good products and ATE in ears is one of them.

This pair of earbuds come with a very appealing design, being available in 3 different colors. The “in ears” feature is extremely effective in noise cancellation and the buds are very comfortable, even if you wear them for a long time.

The sound of these earbuds is well optimized, with intense highs and extremely clear lows. However, ATE in ears is not recommended for the bass enthusiasts. It has a certain bass level, but is not as deep as other models.

2) Monoprice Hi-Fi – $10.71
When you first see the Hi-FI, their size might discourage you. Still, despite the big size, they are extremely comfortable in your ear and you will often forget that you’re wearing them. In fact, the big size is very good for noise cancellation.

They can easily cover any annoying noise, even when you’re not listening to anything. They can be wrapped very easily so you can put them in your pocket, when you’re not using them. The sound is more than decent and they provide some clear highs. On their box, you will see a small detail: “Enhanced Bass”.

They do have a decent bass level, but it’s not “enhanced” at all. So, if you’re a bass enthusiast, you might want to purchase something else. Why are they so cheap? Well, they are so cheap, because they don’t come with other additional accessories like a microphone or volume buttons. You only pay for the earbuds.

1) Panasonic Ergo Fit – $8.45
These earbuds are the cheapest from our best sounding earbuds review, but not the worst. Coming from the notorious brand Panasonic, the Ergo Fits are currently a bestseller on Amazon, having a great overall rating.

The design of these earbuds is simple and they don’t have a mic or a volume control. Still, you cannot hope for both a nice design and great quality at this price. The sound quality is impressive and we can compare the Ergo Fits with a premium earbuds model. The buds are made of silicone, for a more accurate and clear sound.

They don’t impress through their highs, lows or bass, but the overall quality is pleasant, and you won’t get any distorted noises with them. The Ergo Fits are considered some of the best sounding earbuds by many Amazon users, and we have to believe the majority.

Finding a pair of good earbuds is very simple, once you have all the necessarily information. Just establish your budget, and choose any earbuds model from our sounding earbuds review, according to your preferences. You will surely be satisfied by their quality.


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