10 Types of Lingerie that Every Woman Should Own

Picking the best bra that looks and fits well on you can be compared when buying a car; it all depends on your needs and the comfort you require. Having the right bra for you can make a significant change on the way your chest looks like. it can totally increase your cup size, project nice cleavage, and provides the needed support.


Wearing the right bra makes a huge difference upon your overall look. Women should always invest with good bras, whether it is white lace lingerie or demi lace one, because it will make them confident and feels comfortable the whole day.

Below are the 10 types of lingerie according to Sofyee that every woman should have in her closet:

Underwire Bra

Bras with underwire provide sturdy structure by keeping the boobs anchored to the chest. It offers support and good-looking shape to your breast. There are underwire bras that have double- or triple-wrapped inside casings for more comfort. Underwire bras can be demi or full-coverage, depending on our needs.

T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt bras are seamless and smooth-looking under any fitted shirt. The purpose of this bra is to be invisible and women do not need to worry about bumps, nip slips, and lumps. This is the perfect sweet lingerie to wear everyday and it really works fine with all breasts shapes. The most recommended T-Shirt bra is the one with skin-tone because it offers invisible look

Push-up Bra

This bra type is designed to enhance the cleavage look of women. Push-up bras lift the breasts up towards each other to create a sexy look. This is one of the most popular bras of all-time. It is suitable for all types of boobs. The additional padding aids in making the boobs look a couple of cup sizes larger or more symmetrical. Push-up bras are available in cup A to E with different push-up levels.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bras can be difficult to wear but they are the ones compatible with strapless evening gowns or cocktail dresses. To get the best fit for strapless bra, the band size should be reduced and the cup size should be increased. The band is the only support for strapless bra so it makes sense that it should fit snug to keep the bra up.


A lot of bralettes are made using supportive stretch lace material with adjustable straps. They are comfortable to wear when sleeping. Bralettes can be worn as sexy lingerie and can be layered inside a jacket. Moreover, they can have underwire as well to fit fuller busts.



Bandeaus are designed for tops that are small, strapless, and with large armholes. Usually, they are decorative compared to normal bra. However, they do not give much support for the breasts.

Demi Bra

This one is partially cut off underwire bra covering the lower side of the boobs. It usually plunges low to show off the cleavage. Similar to push-up bra, demi bra also uplifts the smaller boobs front and center to appear fuller and in good shape. But keep in mind that it does not also give much support for larger breasts. Demi bras can be worn beautifully low-cut outer garments.

Sports Bra

When exercising, the recommended undergarment is sports bra because it is comfortable to wear while giving support to the boobs. Sports bra also lessens the chances of damaging the breasts due to physical activity. This bra comes in a large wide variety. It has also wide, supportive, and comfortable straps and with or without hooks. It is designed to prevent women from bouncing all over the place. It can be worn without shirt too.

Adhesive Bra/Stick-On

The most common type of adhesive bra is made of silicone but women can also get a fabric made that appears like normal strapless bra. Stick-On bras usually have adhesive on the side wings to hold them on.

Minimizer Bra

According to professional bra fitters, a full-coverage and seamed bra can do job of minimizing the look of big breasts. The minimizer bra has other features too such as wider wings that help in reducing the appearance of back rolls. Instead of bringing the boobs to the front with centered projection, it spreads the breast tissue across the chest.

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