10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Ecommerce Store

People love shopping, don’t they; according to stats, more so when it’s online. Online sales are projected to make up around 9% of the total U.S. retail sales anticipated for 2016, with average spend per person expected to jump to $1,738 from $1,207 in 2015.


So, if you want to increase your business revenues significantly, focus on ecommerce activities. However, it’s much easier said than done, because not only your chances of making money go high online, but the competition also intensifies.

Merely having an ecommerce store won’t suffice anymore; it’s about having the best one nowadays, which can be really challenging without appropriate guidance. So, here we are with these 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Ecommerce Store.

Quality Images 

People want to get the most out of their online shopping experience, which makes having quality images on your store really imperative. Since people cannot view the product physically, they want high quality zoom-able product images. It reassures them to view the fine details about a product, which helps minimize complaints and product return ratio.

Quality images for ecommerce

Helpful Product Videos

According to Kissmetrics Blog, the likelihood of visitors buying a product increases anywhere between 64-85% after watching a helpful product video. You wouldn’t want to miss on such an opportunity, would you? Thankfully, latest technological enhancements have made adding product videos much easier than yesteryears, where low internet connection speeds were one of the biggest obstacles denying customers such leverage.

Product videos on e-commerce website

Product Descriptions

Again, the inability to see and feel a product physically means people will welcome anything that empowers them to know better about the product. This is what makes product descriptions so useful to augment online sales. Make sure to add factual, informative and engaging descriptions of whatever you want to sell online. There’s a catch, however, don’t turn them into blog posts. Keep them short and crisp.

Product discriptions

Product Titles … Get Them SEO Optimized

If your ecommerce store boasts of product titles as people like to search about them, you are certain to gain in visitors as well as sales. It’s simple; make things easier for people (because Google likes it) and Google will make things easier for you.

SEO optimized titles

Keep It Transparent

People don’t like much of twists and turns, you can gain their confidence by instilling transparency and fairness in your procedures and policies. Clear, simple, easy to read and easy to access FAQs, procedures and policies regarding returns and refunds will make people believe you are trustworthy enough to trade online with, which is precisely what you need to boost your sales and revenue.

Keep It Transparent

Keep It Simple

Have you ever wondered what led to online trading in the very first place? Ease and convenience, of all other factors; how? Some people wanted to have a way of shopping as convenient as possible, without ever leaving the comforts of their homes. So, if you make it difficult for them, they will simply turn away to competitors. Keep your registration process simple, quick, friendly and voluntary. One of the best strategies to make this pleasant for them is to offer an incentive or reward when they register. Even something as simple as $1 rebate in their current order can do the trick.

Keep it simple

Convenient and Hassle Free Checkout

The same holds true for checkout process more than anything else. It shouldn’t drag on your visitors endlessly and uselessly; the simpler, the better. Only bother them for the information essentially needed to complete the process. In fact, experts recommend checkout process to be confined to no more than 3 steps.

Checkout on e-commerce

Clear Contact Info

Clear and precise contact info also helps customers build confidence in whatever they are buying from you, which encourages them to come back to you without much hesitation.

Contact Information

Live Chat is a Plus

The live chat feature also helps turn your visitors into clients. Prompt response from you can just be the difference between you and your competitor. So, make sure your customers are getting that from you if you want to add to your chances of making it big online.

Live chat on e-commerce website

Email List Still Works Wonders

Sounds too old school, but it’s still one of the most effective tools to boost online sales; in fact, it works for both current as well as potential customers. Present your visitors with as much opportunities for signing up as reasonably possible; in sidebars, as pop-ups or even at checkout. Make sure you are aware of the trends in your particular niche. Email newsletters can help you greatly in intimating your customers with new products, features and other offers. You can make it lucrative with incentives like free ebooks or coupons.

Email List

What’s Your Take on This?

These simple but effective tips will help you lay the right foundations for a secure and progressive ecommerce store. We would also love to get your take on this; what has bothered you the most in your quest to online success or what have you found to be most helpful on your way up?

About the Author:

Khawar Zaman, director of a rapidly growing startup named Technorian, boasts of a decade long industry experience in startups and entrepreneurship, loves blogging to share his knowledge with others.